Achieving and securing good and harmonious lndustrial Relations is an important factor in achieving success, with Lightnings Industrial Relations Strategy and Philosophy including according priority to the following:

  • Comprehensive Screening of all Applicants and Effective Recruitment Practices 
  • Pre-Employment and during Employment Alcohol and Substance Abuse Tests
  • As required adequate and relevant Supervision and Management Training undertaken. Upfront labour scheduling and installation of effective Recruitment Procedures
  • Effective and Comprehensive Applicant Assessments of Skills and Qualifications
  • Previous employment details and references
  • Establishing and installing effective Grievance and Disputes Procedures
  • Specific needs and requirements of a Project and Effective de-manning Procedures
  • Effective Control, Monitoring and Management of Sub-Contractor and Supplier activities
  • Effective Payroll Department
  • Regular meetings with Trade Union Representatives
  • Good Communications and open dialogue between Workforce and Management.  Comprehensive Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Establishing a Team approach and Spirit on a Project
  • ldentifying, Minimising and Neutralising potential areas of Grievances from the outset
  • Effective Communications between the Client and other Employers on a Project
  • Comprehensive and Mutually Agreed Disciplinary Procedures
  • Neutralisation of Them and Us situations.  Ongoing Assessments during period of Employment covering the areas of: Productivity, Safety Awareness and Performance, Time Keeping and Attendance, Quality of Workmanship, Site Rules & Regulations etc.
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    Lightning Group of Companies launches new Web-Site

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