Lightnings Provide:  Professional, Extensive and Comprehensive Electrical and Instrumentation Installations and Support Services to Clients including within the following Market Sectors [not limited to]: Energy From Waste, Bio-Technologies, Power, Petro-Chemical, Water, Oil and Gas, Water and Effluent Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Waste, Food, Manufacturing, Process, Industrial and Commercial.

The Company’s comprehensive Electrical Experience and Expertise surrounds Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Commissioning and Start-Up in all differing Working and Operating Environments within the above sectors including [not limited to]: Purchasing [where required], Installing, Testing, Commissioning, Repairing and Maintaining the following Installations and Systems:

  • Hazardous Area Classifications and Installations
  • Selection, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Test, Commission and repair of Hazardous Area Materials and Equipment
  • Low Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Installing Transformers [LV, MV and HV]
  • Installing and Maintaining Generators [Gas, Diesel – Temporary and Permanent]
  • Installing and Maintaining UPS Systems [Uninterrupted Power Supply systems]
  • Installing and Maintaining all specific and general purpose Motors and Drives
  • Installing and Maintaining Lighting Systems and Small Power Distribution Systems
  • Installing and Maintaining Electrical / Trace Heating
  • Installing Holder / Storage Antifreeze / Fuel Systems
  • Installing and Maintaining Motorised Valves
  • Installing and Maintaining Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Installation and Maintaining Emergency Standby and General Battery Systems
  • Installing Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Installing Fire Protection Systems
  • Routing and Installing Power / Control Cable Systems
  • Glanding, Terminating and Jointing of varying types of LV, MV & HV Cable Systems
  • Selecting, Calibrating, Repair and Maintenance of Test Equipment
  • Purchasing, Maintaining, Repairing, Testing [PAT Testing where relevant] all Portable Tools and Equipment including Safety Certificates where necessary and the recording and controlling of all items
  • All Installation, Maintenance, Control Circuit, Testing and Commissioning activities being carried out in strict accordance with relevant British Standards, Electrical Regulations, Safety Regulations, Legislation and Procedures, Quality Control and Assurance Procedures including Full Compliance with method and Risk Assssment Rules, Regulations and Requirements.


Lightnings is a Member of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting [“NICEIC”], which involves NICEIC Inspecting and Auditing Installation works to ensure full compliance with the relevant Standards and Practices has been achieved by the Company.


In addition to being Members of the NICEIC, Lightnings are also Members of the following Associations:

  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ["RoSPA"]
  • British Safety Council ["BSC"]
  • Joint Industry Board [“JIB”]
  • Engineering Construction Industry Association [“ECIA”]
  • Institute Of Measurement and Control ["IMC"]
  • Welsh Development Council [“WDA”]
  • Energies Industry Council [“EIC”]


Electrical works and activities undertaken on Projects as defined under the Projects Section includes undertakng and successfully completing works within Hazardous Area Environments and live Operating Plants.


On Projects defined under the Projects Section, Lightnings provided Electrical Support Services including [not limited to]: Installations, Testing, Inspection, Shutdowns, Outages, Turnarounds, maintenance, Repair, Commissioning / Start-Up and Call-Out Support. 


Lightnings Electrical and Instrumentation Commissioning and Start-Up Support Services are supported by the businesses' In-House Disciplined and Qualified Electrical and Instrumentation Personnel.  As a BS-EN-ISO9001:2008 Accredited business, all Equipment and Installations are Tested, Pre-Commissioned and Commissioned in full Compliance with agreed and relevant Procedures and Safe Working Practices and Vendor Specifications and Procedures [where applicable], including Rigid Awareness, Full Compliance and effective Full Control conerning the issuing of all Full Document Control, Test Packs Documentation and Certification that is complied in accordance with relevant Procedures and Requirements.


On Projects listed in the Projects Section, Lightnings undertook and provided Electrical Services including [not limited to], Design and Engineering [where required], Purchasing, Vendor Inspections, Quality Control and Assurance, witnessing of Manufacturer's Tests, Installations, Process / Plant Simulations, Fault Diagnosis, Repair and Rectification, Test, Repair, Commissioning, including any required Repair and Maintenance through to Completion and Handover.

For more information on our Services, please contact us by E-Mail or call us on +44 (0) 23 8086 5890

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